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C360 Equipment Maintenance Program 

 Better Service, Lower Costs


Don't overpay for your equipment maintenance.  The C360 Equipment Maintenance Program provides better service and saves you money.

CDS is a service provider not a manufacturer.  This is important to understand.

We do not demand or force customers to use our maintenance services.  Instead, we earn your business by providing fast, proactive and professional maintenance services at very low prices.  We combine our extraordinary service expertise with our partners and the manufacturers.  In addition we use exceptional quality assurance methods.  The result is the highest level of service support in the industry at lower costs! 

Still Not Convinced?

CDS is committed to providing the highest levels of customer service in the industry.

Consider this: Our service engineers are trained and certified on all leading manufacturer scanners, workstations, servers, office equipment, etc.  We back it up with our Risk Free Excellence Guarantee - Our written guarantee that, should we fail to do our job (to keep you satisfied with the quality of service) - you may cancel your contract over the phone, or on the spot...and receive a pro-rated refund for any pre-paid remaining time (on your contract).  No letters.  No 90 day notice.  No hassles.

Our goal is Total Customer Satisfaction.  This goal is based on our belief:  If We Take Care of our customers - our customers will take care of us.  The cornerstone for achieving this goal is our exclusive C360 Quality Review Program.

The C360 Quality Review Program (QRP)​​

1.  CDS will meet face-to-face or via conference with each customer on a quarterly basis.

2.  The meeting will include a review of several key areas to ensure your equipment remains in top condition.


3.  ​A review of current maintenance coverage will be completed and recommendations will be made, based on current activity, machine  usage, age, etc.


4.  A quarterly report will be provided upon completion. 

Jeff Baker - Director of Sales -


"Together we achieve your document management goals."
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