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The following case studies are examples of CDS turning client headaches into efficient and reliable processes that save money, lower risks and provide long-term peace of mind.

Dcoument Management

Oftentimes, realization that document management is not a company's core competency comes only after it has implemented an inefficient in-house process. Failure to recognize that existing personnel are unprepared for new technology and process changes is commonplace. Inadequate training soon follows, causing problems to mount quickly. Operating costs and liability risks skyrocket, putting the company in grave danger.

The Health Information Management (HIM) Department at a Mid-Atlantic hospital converted to a Cerner Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. HIM personnel followed implementation procedures, purchasing several high speed scanners, as well as enrolling in document imaging training. 

The HIM Department is held to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that requires all paper-based patient information be available in the EMR system within 24 hours of admission. As is often the case, insufficient training and a lack of experience resulted in the department falling behind on day one. The backlog of paper quickly mounted and the department fell further behind as each day passed. Doctors began complaining that important information was not available when needed, putting patients and the hospital at great risk.

Initially, the workforce was expanded, but this only made matters worse, as less experienced workers were added to an already under-trained workforce. Mistakes increased at a staggering rate, resulting in large blocks of lost time, significant monetary losses and even greater potential for liability claims. The department had fallen months behind schedule and was in a hole it could not dig itself out of.  They finally contacted CDS for help.

CDS responded quickly, assigning one of its on-site teams to assess and develop a sound process.  Within days, on-site testing began and live production followed shortly after. In just a few short weeks, the CDS team met the 24-hour SLA. This remains true today. Quality and timeliness has exceeded expectations, and the risks and waste of the past have long been forgotten.

C360 Equipment Maintenance

One of our largest healthcare clients recently completed their first year of C360 Service.  They are thrilled.  They saved 18% in maintenance costs versus their previous year with the manufacturer.  We provided the customer with a better overall experience as well.  We enabled the customer to receive increased service by increasing their PMs per scanner reducing the number of service calls.  Their service calls dropped by 46% over the previous year. 

Our Quality Review Program added another layer of service for our customer.  They appreciated the regular visits from CDS.  They received the attention all of our clients deserve.  Nothing but the best.

Remote Data Capture with e-Forms

CDS helped one of its clients reduce costs and improve the quality of their home health care practice in the DC Metro area.

We tailored an e-Forms offering that met the clients’ demands and eliminated their need for manual re-entry of data.

Our solution helped the nursing staff save time, reduce errors and improve cash flow.  Data is now collected and transmitted on the spot.


Before they adopted our e-Forms solution the client had been sending their paper forms to us via overnight delivery for scanning and manual data transmission.  This tedious process was inefficient and costly.

Our e-Forms solution provided the client with a savings of close to 50%.  They estimate their nurses are able to save one hour per day on paperwork.

Rather than increasing the number of visits each nurse makes every day, they are able to spend more time and provide higher quality care to their patients.

"Together we achieve your document management goals."
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