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Document Management Consulting

Document Management has been our business since 1999 and we currently processes over 25 million pages of information per year.

We've helped hundreds of clients improve their in-house operations, saving them significant amounts of time and money.  We can do the same for you.

Our process is simple and painless:

  1.  Our consulting team provides a free on-site

       assessment of your operation.

  2.  We apply best practices to the findings and return

       with our recommendations.

  3.  We help you implement recommended process

       changes and apply metrics to measure efficiency

       gains and savings.

It's that simple! 

Consulting Success Story

A healthcare client recently saved over 40% by utilizing our Consulting Services.

The client was running an in-house scanning operation with seven full-time employees.  Our consulting process significantly improved efficiencies, allowing them to reduce the number of operators to three and reassign the remaining four employees to other mission critical operations that were previously understaffed.

A second and equally important benefit of the process involved workspace reduction.  Within 3 months, the client was able to convert a large portion of this cost center to profit generating space, further compounding the savings.

"Together we achieve your document management goals."
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